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John Mason

Carving stone for me is a way of slowing down, getting into bottom gear, and learning what the stone will yield. I enjoy creating a particular shape from a block of stone and feeling the texture and finish of a piece. Often I will allow the shape of the stone to determine the final design of the piece.

I like to explore different aesthetic styles and work with a variety of different stones. I began sculpting realistic heads in alabaster, then worked in marble and soapstone, carving mainly the human figure. Marble is a wonderful stone to carve – it always seems to produce an exciting finish. No wonder the Greeks called it ‘shining stone’! More recently I have worked in granite. Carving harder stones has led me to create more abstract pieces on a larger scale, suitable for outdoor display. For me too many details in a piece of sculpture are confusing. I seek to emphasize shape and form in my work.

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